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Megan Crofoot

Megan Crofoot is the newest member of Connect Financial providing Advisor Support, after joining the team in April.  We scooped her up after she worked 15 years in banking.  Megan lives in Alto with her husband, Dustin, who she met and married all within a year.

She is a lifelong, card-carrying member of the Crazy Cat Lady Club, with three older female cats named Jade, Hope and Izzy.  She did an excellent job of maintaining the limit on her 3-Cat Household Rule until after she got married, when Dustin asked for a cat of his own.  Enter Randall, the big 20-pound kitten! 

When she’s not spending time with Dustin and their clowder of cats, she likes to practice yoga, and even became a certified hot yoga teacher in 2020!